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It’s time to see this week’s most interesting photographs from around the mountain.

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Cold corduroy. 2/4/2016

Full Size Cold corduroy. 2/4/2016

Powder Moguls 2/2/16

Full Size Powder Moguls

Belly-deep in powder. 2/1/16

Full Size Waist deep in powder

Morning corduroy. 1/27/2016

Full Size Morning corduroy. 1/27/2016

Soft powder bumps. 1/26/2015

Full Size Soft powder bumps. 1/26/2015

Powder grin. 1/25/2015

Full Size Powder grin. 1/25/2015

Moonrise. 1/22/2016

Full Size Moonrise. 1/22/2016

Light and fluffy! 1/21/2015

Full Size Light and fluffy! 1/21/2015

Balloon Glow. 1/19/2016

Full Size Balloon Glow. 1/19/2016

Powder smile. 1/18/2016

Full Size Powder smile. 1/18/2016

First lesson. 1/15/2015

Full Size First lesson. 1/15/2015

Two bulls. 1/14/2016

Full Size Two bulls. 1/14/2016

Western Sky. 1/13/2016

Full Size Western Sky. 1/13/2016

Sunshine & smiles. 1/12/2016

Full Size Sunshine & smiles. 1/12/2016

Belly deep in powder. 1/11/2016

Full Size Belly deep in powder. 1/11/2016

Chinese Freestyle Team training. 1/6/2016

Full Size Chinese Freestyle Team training. 1/6/2016

Powder Run. 1/5/2016

Full Size Powder Run. 1/5/2016

Fishing the Yampa. 1/4/2016

Full Size Fishing the Yampa. 1/4/2016

Happy New Year!

Full Size Happy New Year!

A December to remember. 12/31/2015

Full Size A December to remember. 12/31/2015

County Road 14E. 12/30/2015

Full Size County Road 14E. 12/30/2015

Storm Peak. 12/28/2015

Full Size Storm Peak. 12/28/2015

Sunshine and fresh powder. 12/26/2015

Full Size Sunshine and fresh powder. 12/26/2015

Happy Holidays!

Full Size  Happy Holidays!

Santa's workshop. 12/23/2015

Full Size Santa's workshop. 12/23/2015

Holiday powder smile. 12/ 22/ 2015

Full Size Holiday powder smile.  12/ 22/ 2015

Downtown Steamboat. 12/21/2015

Full Size Downtown Steamboat. 12/21/2015

Ride em Santa! 12/20/2015

Full Size Ride em Santa!  12/20/2015

North Routt Holidays. 12/17/2015

Full Size North Routt Holidays. 12/17/2015

Powder grin. 12/12/ 2015

Full Size  Powder grin. 12/12/ 2015

Keeping Hwy 40 plowed. 12/11/2015

Full Size Keeping Hwy 40 plowed. 12/11/2015

Morning hunt. 12/10/2015

Full Size Morning hunt. 12/10/2015

Action on Lil'Rodeo. 12/9/2015

Full Size Action on Lil'Rodeo. 12/9/2015

Training day - 12/8/2015

Full Size Training day -  12-8-2015

Winter Sports Club night training. 12/4/2015

Full Size sports club

Steamboat's Finest. 12/3/2015

Full Size

Powder pillows. 12/1/2015

Full Size Gil

Mid mountain powder. 11/30/2015

Full Size pow fan

Powder morning. 11/27/2015

Full Size dazed

Happy Thanksgiving!11/26/2015

Full Size tgiving

Upper Rainbow. 11/25/2015

Full Size Bow

Patrollers heading up top. 11/24/2015

Full Size doobie

Red Tail Hawk. 11/23/2015

Full Size hawk

Opening Day ! 11/21/2015

Full Size Oday

Western Sky. 11/20/2015

Full Size fire sky

Prepping the base area for opening on Saturday. 11/19/2015

Full Size patrol

Following mom. 11/18/2015

Full Size Elk Fam

Snowing hard this morning. 11/17/2105

Full Size signer

Moving lot of snow at the base area. 11/16/2015

Full Size plowboy

November fishing on the Yampa. 11/14/2015

Full Size fishing

Big bumps at the base. 11/13/2015

Full Size moguls

Snow covered valley. 11/12/2015

Full Size

Mother Nature and Snowmakers working together. 11/11/2015

Full Size MN and Snowmaking

Waiting for the snow. 11/10/2015

Full Size squirrel

Snowmaking at the base. 11/7/2015

Full Size blowz

Fresh snow in the valley. 11/6/2015

Full Size Chapel2

Headed south. 11/5/2015

Full Size Herd9

Pleasant Valley. 11/4/2015

Full Size hay6

Cool mornings. 11/3/2015

Full Size rancho

Moose on the mountain. 10/31/2015

Full Size moosess

A cold pumpkin. 10/30/2015

Full Size punkn

Snowmaking begins. 10/28/2015

Full Size Guns

Stormy sunrise. 10/27/2015

Full Size firesky

A break in the storm. 10/24/2015

Full Size storm2

New snow on Rabbit Ears Pass. 10/23/2015

Full Size Plow

Another 5 bucks. 10/21/2015

Full Size 5bucks

Storm Peak Snow. 10/20/2015

Full Size snownew

Late fall in town. 10/19/2015

Full Size falltown

Eagle in Pleasant Valley. 10/14/2015

Full Size bigbird

Early morning light. 10/13/2015

Full Size oakfire

Big bull bugling. 10/7/2015

Full Size bull

Canadian Geese. 10/2/2015

Full Size Geese

Flattop view. 9/30/2015

Full Size Tops

Whitley Peak. 9/18/2015

Full Size WPeak

After the storm. 9/16/2015

Full Size dbl bow

Aspen rainbow. 9/15/2015

Full Size rainbow leaves

Aspens at Rabbit Ears. 9/14/2015

Full Size earz5

Some color on the ski mountain. 9/11/2015

Full Size gold

Green valley. 9/10/2015

Full Size deere tractor

Botanic Garden. 9/9/2015

Full Size flowerz3

Great day for a drive. 9/8/2015

Full Size jeeper

Bull Bash event on Sunday. 9/7/2015

Full Size bullride

Wild West Air Show. 9/15/2015

Full Size Buzz

One buck in the morning. 9/4/2015

Full Size one bucck

Thorpe Mountain. 9/3/2015

Full Size green mt.

Quite a sunset last night. 9/2/2015

Full Size western skier

Hahn's Peak. 9/1/2015

Full Size HPeak

Pastures along CR 14. 8/31/2015

Full Size wet hay

Walton Creek Canyon. 8/27/2015

Full Size Canyon

Marmot. 8/26/2015

Full Size varmit

Waiting for a strike on the Yampa River. 8/24/2015

Full Size fish on

Today's winner, Taylor Phinney. 8/17/2015

Full Size phinney

Thunderstorm rolls through the valley. 8/14/2015

Full Size bigbolt

Afternoon rainbow. 8/13/2015

Full Size RAIN

Tuesday sunrise. 8/11/2015

Full Size Riser

Fireweed bloomingin the mountains. 8/10/2015

Full Size weed

Steamboat Wine Festival. 8/8/2015

Full Size wine

Pleasant Valley. 8/6/2015

Full Size GCranch

Busy at the Bike Shop. 8/5/2015

Full Size b-shop

Blue sky morning. 8/4/2015

Full Size orb

Weekend sunset. 8/3/2015

Full Size sunset west

Fish at Mica Lake, Zirkel Wilderness. 8/2/2015

Full Size mica

2015 Viper Bucket List Event. 7/31/2015

Full Size Viper Car

Grazing in the valley. 7/29/2015

Full Size five horses

Four Points area. 7/28/2015

Full Size Yellow Mt

Saturday eve movie night. 7/27/2015

Full Size moovie

Cruising on Rawhide Trail.7/23/2015

Full Size rockhop

Raptor over the valley. 7/22/2015

Full Size raptor3

Old barn on HWY 131. 7/21/2015

Full Size 131

Kids Adventure Club. 7/20/2015

Full Size kidz

Young buck. 7/17/2015

Full Size Buck5

Fun on the Yampa River. 7/16/2015

Full Size water

Indian Paintbrush. 7/14/2015

Full Size P Brush

Great day at Rabbit Ears. 7/13/2015

Full Size jeep

Balloon Glow. 7/12/2015

Full Size Glow

Golden Eagle. 7/11/2015

Full Size eaglet

Heading up. 7/10/2015

Full Size gondooobie

Sandhill Cranes. 7/9/2015

Full Size birsz 4

Lincoln Avenue. 7/7/2015

Full Size town july

Sunday evening in the Yampa Valley. 7/6/2015

Full Size dbl bow

Happy Fourth of July! 7/4/2015

Full Size BS

Ski jumping at Howelsen Hill. 7/3/2015

Full Size jumpn

Wild flowers. 7/2/2015

Full Size flowerz

Burgess Creek. 7/1/2015

Full Size creek

The ladies on Rustlers Ridge. 6/30/2015

Full Size chik bike

Morning fishing on the Yampa River. 6/29/2015

Full Size fish

Slingshot Bungee Jump. 6/26/2015

Full Size boing

Over the creek. 6/25/2015

Full Size bc bridge

Take Me To The Top. 6/24/2015

Full Size Gondy Bike

Kids Adventure Club at the Botanic garden. 6/23/2015

Full Size botanic

Summer Solstice sunset. 6/22/2015

Full Size sun

27th Annual Mustang Roundup. 6/19/2015

Full Size musty

On the run at Dels Triangle 3 Ranch. 6/17/2015

Full Size summer horses

Lupine in the high country. 6/16/2015

Full Size purple haze

Orange skies. 6/14/2015

Full Size OCS

Cloudy morning over Sleeping Giant. 6/11/2015

Full Size giant

Mules Ears near Hayden. 6/10/2015

Full Size Yellow

Sun after the storm. 6/2/2015

Full Size

Spring Carnival Comes To Town. 5/29/2015

Full Size Carnival

Stormy Weather Pattern. 5/26/2015

Full Size

Spring in Steamboat. 5/18/2015

Full Size

Roaring Fish Creek Falls. 5/11/2015

Full Size

Sombrero Horse Gather in northwest CO. 5/3/2015

Full Size horse drive

Plenty of snow left in the Flattops. 4/29/2015

Full Size topper

Hilltop horses. 4/28/2015

Full Size Corral2

Pleasant Valley. 4/27/2015

Full Size pv45

Elk herd near Pleasant Valley. 4/26/2015

Full Size herdOelk

Yampa River Botanic Park. 4/23/2015

Full Size bulb

Balloon ride in the morning. 4/22/2015

Full Size balloon5

Moon & Stars. 4/21/2015

Full Size 420

Cloudy skies over the Moore Barn. 4/20/2015

Full Size barn78

Storm breaks south of town. 4/17/2015

Full Size Storm5

Aspens are getting the green. 4/16/2015

Full Size Aspen Storm

Fish Creek. 4/15/2015

Full Size creek8

Cranes with a Flattops background. 4/14/2015

Full Size byrds3

Green pastures. 4/13/2015

Full Size horse4

Steel Pulse finish's out the ski season. 4/12/2015

Full Size Reggae

35th Annual Cardboard Classic ! 4/11/2015

Full Size classico

Chilly morning. 4/10/2015

Full Size herd3

New snow today. 4/9/2015

Full Size doobie

Sand Mountain, north of Steamboat. 4/6/2015

Full Size sandy

Sandhill cranes west of Steamboat. 4/2/2015

Full Size birds

Morning in Pleasant Valley. 3/31/2015

Full Size 3 nags

Sun & snow...spring. 3/30/2015

Full Size slushy

Ladies dual mogul action. 3/29/2015

Full Size Ladies2

US Freestyle Ski Championships today. 3/27/2015

Full Size air men

Powder Wednesday. 3/25/2015

Full Size pow wed

Early morning in the valley. 3/24/2015

Full Size hibert

Storm moving in. 3/23/2015

Full Size stormy

Yampa River rising for spring. 3/20/2015

Full Size yaker

Need some boots? 3/19/2015

Full Size bootzah

Late afternoon softness. 3/18/2015

Full Size slushyboard

Billy likes spring skiing. 3/17/2015

Full Size spring bk

Spring day at the pipe. 3/16/2015

Full Size Spring Ride

North to Buffalo Pass. 3/13/2015

Full Size kiddzz

Morning laps. 3/11/2015

Full Size Cross x

Feels like spring. 3/10/2015

Full Size slush

Fun at the Old Town Hot Springs. 3/9/2015

Full Size hot

Lenticular cloud sunset. 3/8/2015

Full Size Cloudze

Spring? Aspens are budding. 3/7/2015

Full Size buds

Billy Kidd on Heavenly Daze. 3/6/2015

Full Size BK

The Barn. 3/5/2015

Full Size moore barn

Great powder day today! 3/4/2015

Full Size Deep Wednesday

Some new snow. 3/3/2015

Full Size snowz4

Fox in north Routt County. 2/28/2015

Full Size Sly Foxy

Champagne powder snow flake. 2/27/2015

Full Size Sflake

Telemark World Championships at Howelsen Hill. 2/25/2015

Full Size Teli Mundo

On the rise over the Yampa Valley. 2/24/2015

Full Size ballons

Ghost Trees on Storm Peak. 2/23/2015

Full Size cold trees

Fresh powder for Saturday. 2/21/2015

Full Size grimes3

Calm before the storm. 2/20/2015

Full Size thurs set

Carving on Rudi's Run. 2/19/2015

Full Size Carve3

Pine Grosbeak. 2/18/2015

Full Size red bird

Morning Light to the north. 2/17/2015

Full Size Light

Skiing is fun ! 2/16/2015

Full Size Happy Learning

Valentine Night Fireworks. 2/15/2015

Full Size Valentine Night Fireworks

Mardi Gras celebration ! 2/14/2015

Full Size mardi Gras

Big sky over Mt. Werner last night. 2/13/2015

Full Size Big Sky

Overcast Thursday. 2/12/2015

Full Size Grey Day

Moguls on White Out. 2/11/2015

Full Size skibump

Early morning plowing in Routt County. 2/10/2015

Full Size RCounty

Sunny days, soft snow. 2/9/2015

Full Size spring Feb

102nd Annual Winter Carnival. 2/7/2015

Full Size Cowboy Town

Moon set along River Road. 2/6/2015

Full Size moon feb

Never Summer Range. 2/5/2015

Full Size Feb Fifth

Two O'Clock Trees. 2/4/2015

Full Size NC Pow

Ted's Ridge powder. 2/2/2015

Full Size Pow Monday

Powder hound. 2/1/2015

Full Size dog

Under the lights. 1/30/2015

Full Size Thursnight

Rudi's Run. 1/29/2015

Full Size rr5

Swedish Women's World Alpine Championship team in town training. 1/27/2015

Full Size Swedeie

Mavericks halfpipe. 1/26/2015

Full Size Grab69

Fox on the hunt. 1/26/2015

Full Size Foxy

Bear claws on aspen tree. 1/23/2015

Full Size b claws

Flattops view from Four Points. 1/22/2015

Full Size valey view8

Follow the leader. 1/21/2015

Full Size Follow Leader

The 41st Annual Budlight Cowboy Downhill. 1/19/2015

Full Size cowgirl

Winter Balloon Glow. 1/19/15

Full Size Glow

Yampa River. 1/16/2015

Full Size yampa fish

Helicopter training with Ski Patrol. 1/15/2015

Full Size chopper

Afternoon x-country at Haymaker. 1/14/2015

Full Size cross ski

Go Broncos ! 1/10/2015

Full Size foosball

Frosted aspens. 1/10/2015

Full Size frost asp

Morning corduroy. 1/7/2015

Full Size three cords

West Fest 2015 free concert. 1/6/2015

Full Size Ingram

Evening turns. 1/6/2015

Full Size night ski

Freestyle event on Voodoo. 1/5/2015

Full Size air

Beautiful fireworks on New Years Eve! 1/2/2015

Full Size Wednesday

Ghost trees on Storm Peak. 1/1/2015

Full Size Ghost trees on Storm Peak. 1/1/2015

Rabbit Ears Terrain Park. 12/31/2014

Full Size Nik Air

Hanging out along the Yampa River. 12/30/2014

Full Size Bald

A break in the storms. 12/29/2014

Full Size bpow

On Three O'Clock. 12/26/2014

Full Size board carve

Santa cruising on Westside. 12/24/2014

Full Size Clawz3

Great job ! 12/23/2014

Full Size Kids SS

Friday evening. 12/20/2014

Full Size nightski

Evening groomer. 12/19/2014

Full Size night groom

Powder pillow. 12/18/2014

Full Size pow pillow

Heading down Rainbow. 12/17/2014

Full Size rainbow rudi

After the storm. 12/16/2014

Full Size sparkle

Powder Monday! 12/15/2014

Full Size TRidge

Go Army...Go Navy ! 12/13/14

Full Size football

Storm Peak to Sunshine. 12/12/2014

Full Size peak

Four Points Lift. 12/11/2014

Full Size Lift4

Corduroy in the morning. 12/9/2014

Full Size

Thunderhead. 12/8/2014

Full Size top of head

Hahns Peak. 12/5/2014

Full Size Hahns

Lil' Rodeo. 12/4/2014

Full Size Roll

Heading down the Daze. 1/3/2014

Full Size boarders

Having an evening snack. 12/2/2014

Full Size mooze

Friday night lights. 11/29/2014

Full Size setsun

Snowboard lesson. 11/28/2014

Full Size schoolers

Happy Thanksgiving! 11/27/2014

Full Size terke

Billy Kidd powder research. 11/25/2014

Full Size Bkski

Powder chairs. 11/24/2014

Full Size Seats

Snowy day on Rabbit Ears Pass. 11/23/2014

Full Size xski6

Corduroy on Rudi's Run. 11/21/2014

Full Size groomed

Pushing snow near Preview Lift. 11/20/2014

Full Size groom3

Winter western sky. 11/19/2014

Full Size sunseted

Frosty cottonwoods this moring. 11/18/2014

Full Size Ftree

Snowing hard on Stampede. 11/17/2014

Full Size making

Clearing after the storm. 11/16/2014

Full Size fence

Mt. Werner Road. 11/14/2014

Full Size Mt.snow

Serious snowmaking. 11/13/2014

Full Size

First light. 11/11/2014

Full Size First light. 11/11/2014

Good Day to Run in the Snow. 11/10/2014

Full Size Good Day to Run in the Snow. 11/10/2014

Late fall fly-fishing on the Yampa River.

Full Size Late fall fly-fishing on the Yampa River

First snow of the season. 9/30/14

Full Size First Snow

Fall Color on Mt. Werner. 9/27/14

Full Size Fall Color on Mt. Werner

Meadows are greening up. 4/15/2014

Full Size Spring Cow

The day after closing. 4/14/2014

Full Size Statue

Hahn's Peak Rainbow

Full Size Hahn's Peak Rainbow

7th Annual Slashdown Pond Skim. 4/13/2014

Full Size Skim

Action at the 835th Annual Cardboard Classic. 4/12/2014

Full Size C Classic

Spring snow on Rainbow. 4/11/2014

Full Size Slush

Its spring skiing time ! 4/10/2014

Full Size Slush

Four Points chair. 4/9/2014

Full Size 4PtsChair

Top of Hurricane. 4/7/2014

Full Size Town

Toes on the Nose Surf Jam ! 4/6/2014

Full Size Jam

Storm Peak chair. 4/4/2014

Full Size Chair

Sand Mountain. 4/3/2014

Full Size Sandy

Powder turn on Sunset. 4/2/2014

Full Size SnowBarr

Moose territory. 4/2/2014

Full Size Moose

A lesson in the soft snow. 4/1/2014

Full Size Snwbrd lesson

Rime ice on the apsens. 3/31/2014

Full Size Apsen Ice

Pine Grosbeak. 3/28/2014

Full Size Bird

Southern view. 3/27/2014

Full Size Spring Storm2

Ski lineup this morning. 3/26/2014

Full Size Skis

Old barn near the Flattops. 3/25/2014

Full Size Flattop Barn

A beautiful spring day on Storm Peak. 3/24/2014

Full Size Four Points Ski

Spring skiing on Moonlight. 3/21/2014

Full Size slush

Groomer morning. 3/20/2014

Full Size Groomer

Dan loves that spring snow! 3/19/2014

Full Size Gilchrist

Early morning sunshine. 3/19/2014

Full Size Sunshine

Steamboat Ski Touring Center. 3/18/2014

Full Size Xcross

Heading up top. 3/17/2014

Full Size Gondola

Sunshine on the deck at Four Points. 3/14/2014

Full Size 4Pts

Mens Giant Slalom on Sitz/See Me. 3/14/2014

Full Size Giant Slalom3

The Zirkel Wilderness area. 3/13/2014

Full Size Zirkels

Womens Giant Slalom. 3/13/2014

Full Size Race 3

Junior Nationals, Super G. 3/12/2014

Full Size Super G

Downhill Race. 3/11/2014

Full Size DwnRace

Junior Nationals Training on Vagabond. 3/10/2014

Full Size U16

The Wailers concert. 3/8/2014

Full Size Band

Fast Skis. 3/7/2014

Full Size Skis

Great snow on Storm Peak. 3/6/2014

Full Size Spring

March afternoon. 3/5/2014

Full Size Town

IASF World Championships. 3/4/2014

Full Size Race

Two of a kind ! 3/3/2014

Full Size Balds

Mardi Gras! 3/1/2014

Full Size Faces

Fresh pow on Ted's Ridge. 2/28/2014

Full Size Tori

Off loading. 2/27/2014

Full Size Gondola2

Hahns Peak. 2/26/2014

Full Size HPeak

Follow the leader. 2/25/2014

Full Size Kids

Rabbit Ears Terrain Park. 2/24/2014

Full Size Box

All quiet on Hurricane. 2/21/2014

Full Size Hurricane

A happy day on Rudi's Run. 2/18/2014

Full Size Kidz

Nose grab on Crowtrack. 2/17/2014

Full Size Grab

Telemark World Cup at Howelsen Hill. 2/14/2014

Full Size Teli

Olympic cauldron. 2/12/2014

Full Size Cauldron

Aspens frame the Flattops. 2/11/2014

Full Size flattops

Donkey Jump at the Winter Carnival. 2/9/2014

Full Size

101st Winter Carnival street events. 2/8/2014

Full Size Carnival

Action at the Winter Driving School. 2/7/2014

Full Size driving school

Amazing snow on East Face. 2/5/2014

Full Size Lalive

A powder run in North Routt. 2/4/2014

Full Size Ray

Dan on Middle Rib. 1/31/2014

Full Size ski pow

New storm blankets the mountain. 1/30/2014

Full Size board

Lenticular sunset. 1/29/2014

Full Size cloud

2010 Olympic Gold Medalist in moguls, Hannah Kearney, trains on VooDoo, last day of training before heading to Sochi. 1/28/2014

Full Size Hannah

Early morning light. 1/28/2014

Full Size fence

Saturday nights lighting of the Steamboats Olympic cauldron. 1/27/2014

Full Size cauldron

Bronco fan. 1/26/2014

Full Size Peyton

Bluebird day in Steamboat. 1/25/2014

Full Size snowbrd

Skiing on Rainbow. 1/24/2014

Full Size skischool

Early morning moon. 1/24/2014

Full Size moon

Moguls on White Out. 1/23/2014

Full Size bumps

Great day for hang gliding in the Yampa Valley. 1/22/2014

Full Size fly

40th Annual Bud Light Cowboy Downhill yesterday. 1/21/2014

Full Size cowboy

Balloon Glow last night. 1/20/2014

Full Size Glow

Sunny day on Sunset. 1/18/2014

Full Size Allen

Ski Patrol training with Flight for Life. 1/17/2014

Full Size helo

Ghost Trees on Sunshine Peak. 1/15/2014

Full Size gtree

Break in the storm. 1/14/2014

Full Size sunset

Moore Barn. 1/13/2014

Full Size

Powder Pillow ! 1/11/2014

Full Size billy

Major snow storm today. 1/10/2014

Full Size mail

Powder & aspens. 1/9/2014

Full Size trre

Old barn on Hwy 40. 1/8/2014

Full Size barn

Clear mt. evening. 1/7/2014

Full Size eve

Bri Bagwell concert on Sunday. 1/6/2014

Full Size bagwell

Tree skiing in Twilight.

Full Size Powder day on Twilight

Yeah, we'd say it's a Powder Day

Full Size Powder Day

Winter Sports Club Training on See Me. 1/3/2014

Full Size

Snow Bikes, Top of Vagabond. 1/2/2014

Full Size

Night Lights. 12/30/2013

Full Size

Rabbit Ears Terrain Park. 12/30/2013

Full Size

U.S.Freestlye Team in town for training on Voodoo. 12/29/2013

Full Size

Friday afternoon at Four Points. 12/28/2013

Full Size

Mavericks Superpipe opened today. 12/27/2013

Full Size

A fun day of skiing with friends. 12/26/2013

Full Size

Santa carving on Over Easy. 12/25/2013

Full Size

Happy Holidays !

Full Size Holiday

Powder ride on upper mountain. 12/23/2013

Full Size

Holiday Powder ! 12/22/2013

Full Size pow

Fresh snow for the holidays. 12/20/2013

Full Size Chris Gondie

Track testing at Haymaker. 12/19/2013

Full Size

Working on Lil Rodeo. 12/18/2013

Full Size

Monday evening moonrise. 12/17/2013

Full Size Moon

Making turns on lower Mt. 12/16/2013

Full Size

Sunny morning Sunday. 12/15/2013

Full Size go

Moonrise over Headwall. 12/13/2013

Full Size moon

Morning walk at the ranch. 12/12/2013

Full Size horse

Town view from Sitz. 12/11/2013

Full Size Town eve.

Let it snow. 12/10/2013

Full Size

Late afternoon gondola ride. 12/9/2013

Full Size

More terrain opened today.

Full Size Barr

Powder morning, cold & crisp. 12/5/2013

Full Size snwbrd1

A beautiful afternoon. 12/4/2013

Full Size

New storm, more snow coming. 12/4/2013

Full Size

Training at Howelsen Hill. 12/3/2013

Full Size jump

Installing the night lights. 12/2/2013

Full Size Lights

18 months and already riding.

Full Size kid

A feature with a view, on Buddy's Run.

Full Size box

Blue sky on opening day ! 11/27/2013

Full Size ski

Winter Rainbow along HWY 40. 11/26/2013

Full Size

Putting some cord on Rudi's Run. 11/25/2013

Full Size groom

Sleeping Giant. 11/22/2013

Full Size Town

Snowing hard. 11/21/2013

Full Size gondie

A young bull elk near Haymaker Golfcourse. 11/20/2013

Full Size Bull

Monday morning view.

Full Size

Wednesday light show. 11/15/2013

Full Size red

Light poles are going in. 11/13/2013

Full Size Lights

Hanging out at the Pond. 11/12/2013

Full Size Ducks

Moving snow. 11/11/2013

Full Size groom

Sunset over the Flattops. 11/8/2013

Full Size red

Olympian Todd Lodwick training on Rabbit Ears Pass. 11/7/2013

Full Size Todd

Waiting out the storm. 11/6/2013

Full Size elks

New Four Points Hut. 11/4/2013

Full Size Hut

All fired up. Snowmaking near the base area. 11/4/2013

Full Size maker

Break in the clouds in Pleasant Valley. 11/1/2013

Full Size clouds

Snowing today, Happy Halloween !

Full Size chairz

A dusting on the leaves. 10/30/2013

Full Size Fall Leaves

Getting close to Halloween. 10/29/2013

Full Size Punk N

Fish Creek. 10/28/2013

Full Size Fish Creek

Late fall at the ski resort. 10/25/2013

Full Size Falling

Fall colors near Yellowjacket Pass. 10/9/2013

Full Size Pass

Snow Dusts Upper Mountain - 9/28/13

Full Size Snowy Steamboat

Aspen and fresh snow

Full Size Aspen and snow

First Snow in Steamboat - 9/23/13

Full Size First Snow
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The Coca-Cola Company enjoys being the Official Soft Drink Sponsor to Steamboat and is honored to have the opportunity. Coca-Cola® offers the complete beverage experience while you are hard at work out on the slopes.

Kind Bars

KIND makes healthy, delicious snacks with ingredients you can see and pronounce. We use high quality, nutrient-rich, whole ingredients –like whole nuts and whole grains – flavored with a variety of fruits and spices.


At Monster we choose to support the scene, our bands, our athletes and our fans. Led by our athletes, musicians, employees, distributors, partners and fans, Monster is...A lifestyle in a can.

Noosa Finest Yoghurt

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re noosa, and we make yoghurt, but not just any yoghurt. Ours is thick and velvety. Sweet and tart. It’s a labor of love made in the best state ever, Colorado.

Bud Light

Anheuser-Busch is proud to support Steamboat Ski Resort by providing adult consumers with a diverse portfolio of beer brands that reflect the company's commitment to quality, heritage and innovation.


Korbel is Steamboat Ski Resort's Official Champagne Powder® partner and is proud to support Steamboat as the presenting sponsor of the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

A little bit of honey. A whole lot of Jack. Fly Straight. Drink Responsibly.


Nothing can compare to SmartWool for the ultimate in performance, comfort and easy care. SmartWool is superior at vaporizing moisture, controlling temperature and odor, and is guaranteed not to itch or shrink.

GoPro. Be a Hero.

GoPro makes the world’s most versatile cameras, enabling people to capture immersive and engaging footage of themselves during their favorite activities.


Vasque is proud to be outfitting Steamboat Ski & Resort with technical, outdoor performance footwear. Vasque is built for all day comfort on the trail, whether it is covered with snow, rock or dirt. Visit the Vasque website (

American Express

IT DOES SO MUCH MORE THAN BUY THINGS - The American Express® Card rewards. It protects. It offers one-of-a-kind-experiences. And your Card is a powerful financial tool.

Robert Mondavi

Created to celebrate the diversity of California's wine growing regions; Robert Mondavi Private Selection wines are sourced from vineyards ideally suited for each variety, resulting in quality wines that go elegantly and easily to the table for every occasion.


For decades, the Wrangler® patch has stood for the authenticity that is the heart of the Western heritage. From the Official ProRodeo Competition Jean, and Steamboat's Signature Cowboy Downhill, Wrangler has your style.

U.S. Forest Service

With our commitment to the environment comes close cooperation with the US Forest Service.