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Life Essentials Spa


Life Essentials Spa is committed to providing the human body with the necessary elements
needed to facilitate optimal health and internal balance. Arrive early or stay later and take a moment in Life Essentials' relaxation space complete with chilled alkaline water, hot green tea, fresh fruit, bite size chocolates and a mesmerizing waterfall. Life Essentials provides cozy robes and slippers for you to change into prior to your scheduled appointment.


Life Essentials Wellness Spa is located at 345 Lincoln Avenue (on 4th St.) in downtown Steamboat Springs.


Life Essentials Wellness Spa is open Tuesday through Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm (closed April 18-May 1).

Please arrive 15 minutes early in order to fill out the required paperwork & change into robe & slippers. If you're late, time must be deducted from treatment in order to begin the next client's treatment promptly at the scheduled time.

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Massage Treatments Description Rate*
Craniosacral Craniosacral therapy is gentle manipulation of the bones and seams of the skull and the meninges (membranes which cover the brain and the entire length of the spinal cord). 30 min: $75
60 min: $140
75 min: $160
90 min: $180
Neuromuscular Therapy Neuromuscular therapy is a more technical approach to massage that concentrates on specific anomalies and chronic physical conditions. 30 min: $75
60 min: $140
90 min: $160
Pre-Natal Massage Reduces swelling in the hands and feet, lessens sciatic pain, relieves stress on weight-bearing joints. 60 min: $130
75 min: $150
90 min: $170
Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage The technique flows from muscle to muscle releasing tension and stress, as well as, increasing circulation and lymph flow. 60 min: $110
75 min: $130
90 min: $150
Reflexology for the Feet Focusing on the feet, reflexology brings comfort to our soles! 30 min: $65
60 min: $110
Hot Stone Therapy Our hot stone treatment consists of warmed river rocks placed on acupressure points of the body. 60 min: $130
75 min: $150
90 min: $170
Sports Therapy A sports massage is a good choice to focus on a specific problem -- a tender knee from running, for instance. Massage focus is on problem area. 90 min: $180
Massage to Go
60 Minutes
We come to you. Location must be within the city limits. Six hour advanced notice is required. 1-2 people: $140 each
Massage to Go
90 Minutes
We come to you. Location must be within the city limits. Six hour advanced notice is required. 1-2 people: $210 each
Thai Thai massage focuses on the circulation, energy and muscle performance within the skeletal structure. Acupressure, deep compression and Yoga like stretching are used. 90 min: $180

* These are 2015 summer rates.

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Massage Package Description Rate*
Earth Package A combination of our ION Cleanse and Deluxe Oxygen treatments. $185
Water Package Hot stone massage and classic facial. 2 hours. $245
Queen for a Day Best of the Best! 60 minute body glow, 60 minute hot stone massage, signature facial, lunch, pedicure & manicure. $590
Best Friends Package Two deept tissue massages and two spa facials. $570

* These are 2015 summer rates.

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Body Treatment Description Rate*
Full Body Sugar Glow Providse exfoliation, increased circulation and immediate results for softer skin. $125
Ion Foot Cleansing Ion cleansing is a simple yet effective way of removing excess toxins, including heavy metals, uric and lactic acid build-up,
plaque, oxidized fats and many other ailments.

* These are 2015 summer rates.

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Nails Rate*
Spa Manicure $35
Ultimate Manicure $45
Spa Pedicure $55
Ultimate Pedicure $65

* These are 2015 summer rates.

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Facials Rate*
Classic Facial $125
Mini Facial $70
Adult Facial 45 minutes $80
Signature Facial $165
Purifying Facial $145
Moisture Drench (Hydrating) $175
Anti-Aging $175
Chemical Peel $150
Refresher $80

* These are 2015 summer rates.

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Kind Bars

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Bud Light

Anheuser-Busch is proud to support Steamboat Ski Resort by providing adult consumers with a diverse portfolio of beer brands that reflect the company's commitment to quality, heritage and innovation.


Korbel is Steamboat Ski Resort's Official Champagne Powder® partner and is proud to support Steamboat as the presenting sponsor of the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

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U.S. Forest Service

With our commitment to the environment comes close cooperation with the US Forest Service.