Steamboat Resort operates under a United States Forest Service special use permit for public lands which requires an equal access/non- discrimination policy for all programs and buildings. The Essential Eligibility Criteria (“EEC”) listed below outline the essential eligibility standards that are required for ALL guests, disabled and otherwise, to participate in each type of lesson product.

The following outlines the basic level of function necessary for an individual to participate in a group lesson product:

• The guest must be within the reasonable scope of the lesson (same terrain and speed as the rest of the group).
• The guest must not distract from the experience of other group lesson participants.
• The guest should not present a safety risk to them self or others.

The purpose of this EEC is to give our employees and our customers the information they need to make an accurate, objective assessment when deciding if an individual’s abilities are appropriate for a group lesson format.

Group Lesson Inclusion Program and Assessment
If it is unclear whether or not an individual meets the EEC but such individual would like to participate in a group lesson product, the individual must be assessed by an instructor or supervisor prior to being included in the group lesson. Individuals interested in the inclusion program will need to book an adaptive lesson and alert the instructor that they want an assessment for inclusion. The instructor will work with the student and the student’s parents or companion to determine the best lesson placement.

If a guest does not meet the EEC after being assessed by the instructor or a supervisor, one of the following will be provided:
• Inclusion into the group lesson product with mild adaptation (e.g., a smaller class or an instructor with adaptive experience).
• Inclusion into a group lesson product with the assistance of an integrated Ski Buddy provided through STARS.
• Private Adaptive Lesson offered through STARS

Basic Participation
Student is able to independently, or with the assistance of a companion, complete the following tasks:
• Properly put on and take off equipment (this skill is taught in beginner lessons, and participants should be able to learn how to do this independently following a reasonable amount of instruction, with the exception of young children in the KVC programs)
• Load, ride and unload lifts safely as stated in “Your Responsibility Code” independently (this skill is taught in beginner lessons, and participants should be able to learn how to safely do this independently following a reasonable amount of instruction, with the exception of young children in the KVC programs)
• Ability to get up after falling and re-adjust equipment as necessary in a reasonable amount of time independently
• Attend lunch and manage all personal care independently
• Perform all functions of the lesson within a reasonable time frame while adapting to the flow of the group which includes functions such as stopping, starting and lift line routines
• Continue with the group throughout the day without causing detours in terrain selection, additional breaks or other changes in the normal course of the lesson plan as designed for the entire group
• Ability to follow all aspects of “Your Responsibility Code”

The inclusion of a student with disabilities into a Group Lesson is most successful when the individual is at a Level 4 / advanced beginner ability level and above. Guests requiring reasonable accommodations who are level 1-3 skiers and riders, and those who cannot meet the requirements above, should take advantage of our renowned adaptive learning programs through STARS as listed below.

Safety Considerations
The student must be able to do the following:
• Travel with the group at a similar rate of speed using the same basic turn shape as the rest of the group.

Example: If the group travels down the mountain slowly, links turns with a traverse and stops together at the side of the hill, the student with a disability should be able to perform the same basic tasks, either independently or with the assistance of a companion. An example of unacceptable participation might be if the student with a disability travels straight down the hill at a high rate of speed, causing a safety risk form himself and those around him.

• Negotiate level-appropriate terrain without hindering the experience of other lesson participants or causing risk to personal safety.

Example: If a student is signed up for a Level 5 intermediate skiing lesson, the group negotiates trails with the designated difficulty of green and easy blue. Depending on weather, snow conditions, crowds and other factors, typical Level 5 students can ski successfully in a variety of natural situations occurring on the mountain. The student with a disability should be able to negotiate the same terrain and conditions, either with or without the assistance of a companion.

Adaptive Private Lessons
Qualified professionals are available to teach adaptive guests. Lessons are available by reservation only and advanced booking is required. Equipment and special lift tickets available during lesson only. Reservations required.

Physical Requirements for Basic Participation in Adaptive Private Lessons
• 1st grade and up
• All on-snow ski and ride ability levels accepted
• Some physical limitations apply. Please contact a STARS representative for more details and to reserve your private SnowSports experience at (888) 330-1454
• Please contact STARS to enquire about the rental of adaptive ski and snowboard equipment

Adaptive Inclusion Program (companion assistance)

Steamboat's Inclusion Program allows special needs children, age’s 1st grade to age 15, to join regular group lessons with a specially trained instructor. We then work with the child's parent or guardian to determine whether the child is ready to participate in a group lesson format, or needs to remain with our private program as described above. Must call for reservations and have taken a private lesson first.

Physical Requirements for Basic Participation in Adaptive Inclusion Program

• 1st grade up to 15 years of age
• Level 4 / advanced beginner ability level and above. Not available in beginner (level 1-3) lessons.

Personal Companion Guidelines
A guest may have a companion or guide that assists them with their SnowSports experience. Typically a companion is someone who knows the individual personally and has assisted in other experiences ranging from everyday living to travel or other sports. Within a lesson setting companions can be an important part of the SnowSports experience but they also can be a detriment. It is important to remember the following guidelines when participating in a lesson with both the STARS and Steamboat SnowSports School programs.

• The instructor is the primary decision maker for the student
• Companions that are not specifically trained or are not a part of the STARS program are allowed to participate at the discretion of the Instructor.
• Companion must have the adequate skiing ability to ski or ride with the group. (Generally skill level 6/intermediate and above)
• If a Companion joins a lesson from the student perspective as well, fees may apply.

Steamboat offers both companion pass and adaptive pass special pricing for those who qualify. Please contact the STARS Office for more information at:
Toll free: (888) 330-1454
Local: (970) 870-1950
Fax: (970) 870-1970
Sheraton Steamboat Resort Lower Level
2200 Village Inn Court / PO Box 770208
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

All guests are welcome and important at Steamboat Resort and the SnowSports School. Our goal is to provide a professional level of care and service that creates the best possible experience for each and every individual visiting our resort. The guidelines presented in this document are designed to help students, their family members and their specially-trained instructors make the best decisions for all parties concerned. It is impossible to list every scenario that may occur and we recognize that every person is special, valued and important. We will do our best to accommodate every guest and make you feel welcome at Steamboat.