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SnowSports School check-in
Get all the details and information you'll need for your lesson, including where to get your lesson tickets, rental equipment, what to expect, when to arrive, and to be prepared for a great experience.

Ski/snowboard cLINICS & Programs

For all ages and abilities starting at $179, click below to view our skier and rider ability guide.

Kids & Teens

Explore ski or snowboard programs for kids or teens age 17 years or younger.

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Explore ski or snowboard lessons and programs for adults (18 years or older).

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Private Lessons

Steamboat SnowSports Schools' private ski and snowboard lessons provide personal, individual coaching for all ages,

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First Timers

Learn to ski snowboard in a group environment with other new skiers and riders. No prior experience necessary.

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Looking for Something a little Different?

We have everything from adaptive programs, to camps with Olympians, childcare and more.

What to know before you go

Make sure you have everything you need before your lesson.