Try the newest twist to biking - snow biking! Visit Steamboat Ski & Sport in the Sheraton to try the up and coming sport of snow biking. Great for adults, we can rent you the snow bike and accessories for a ½ day or full day of fun. The bikes can even load the lifts.

Interested in learning from the pros?
Private lessons available too. Call Steamboat Central Reservations at (877) 783-2628 to book.

Package Daily Walk-In Rate Daily Prebooked Rate
Premium Snowbike Package (Bike, footskis, & boots) $85 $72.25
Snowbike Package (Bike, footskis, & boots) $75 $63.75
Snowbike Only (Bike & footskis) $65 $55.25
Snowbike Package Half Day (Bike, footskis, & boots) $50 $42.50
Snowbike Only Half Day(Bike & footskis) $45 $38.25

Rent a snow bike