Yampa Valley Medical Center, 970-879-1322

Provides Emergency Care 24 hours a day
  • If someone is injured, cross skis, or place a snowboard securely in the snow above the accident.
  • Call ski patrol at 970-871-5911 or if an emergency call 911.
  • Patrol will ask for the number of the phone from which you are calling, the exact location of injury, the description of the injured person, and nature of the injury.
  • Remain calm
Emergency message boards are provided at the top and bottom of all lifts. These boards provide a link to guests should something happen, such as a lost child or accident, and require an immediate response. The board will inform you where to call for further details. If you have a child in a clinic or on their own, it is a good idea to check the board each time you ride the lift.

To send an emergency message, contact the ski patrol at 970-871-5911.