Members of our Ski Patrol are dressed in predominantly red uniforms with white crosses on them. Their primary roles on the mountain are pre-hospital care for injured guests, safe skiing education and guest service. Do not hesitate to call Patrol or to stop a patroller to ask questions, directions, or for other information.

Patrol Locations

Ski Patrol Headquarters is at the top of the Sunshine and Sundown lifts; feel free to stop in to warm up or ask questions.
Mountain Dispatch
is in the Thunderhead Building at the top of the gondola to the right as you walk down to the snow.
Fetcher Base (Ski Patrol and Bike Patrol), for general first aid and transport, is located in One Steamboat Place on the Promenade near the far left magic carpets as you come down the mountain.

Ask any uniformed employee for directions to any of these locations.

call ski patrol at 970-871-5911

Or if an emergency call 911
If someone is injured, do not remove their skis or board, but place your own or other crossed skis/snowboard uphill from the injured person; do not move them unless absolutely necessary. Call Patrol at 970-871-5911 or, if an emergency 911, and stay with the injured person until Patrol arrives. Patrol will ask for the number of the phone from which you are calling, the exact location of injury, the description of the injured person, and nature of the injury.

Yampa Valley Medical Center
YVMC also provides emergency care 24 hours a day. Call 970-879-1322 for YVMC.

If you are involved in a collision with another person resulting in an injury, the Colorado Ski Safety Act requires that neither party may leave the vicinity of the collision before giving his or her name and current address to ski patrol or an employee of the resort, except to secure aid for an injured person, in which case you must provide the information to patrol or a resort employee thereafter. If you are a witness to a collision or other injury please call Patrol.
Emergency message boards are provided at the top and bottom of all lifts. These boards provide a link to guests should something happen, such as a lost child or accident, and require an immediate response. The board will inform you where to call for further details. If you have a child in a clinic or on their own, it is a good idea to check the board each time you ride the lift.

To send an emergency message, contact the ski patrol at 970-871-5911.