Helmets are strongly recommended while skiing or riding as they may make a difference in reducing and/or preventing some types of head injuries. Here atSteamboat, employees who are required or elect to ski or ride while in uniform or as part of their job duties must wear a helmet. Students in our SnowSports School who are age 17 and under will be required to wear a helmet during any group or private lessons or as a part of KVC. We highly encourage all students in our SnowSports School to wear helmets. Additionally, students of any age and in any class (group or private) will be required to wear a helmet if they are using a terrain park that is fenced and designated with the Terrain Park orange, oval signage.

Make sure the helmet you wear fits properly and it has not been damaged. Bear in mind a helmet will not prevent all head injuries and you must at all times ski/ride in control as part of Your Responsibility Code . Skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to educate themselves on the benefits and limitations of helmet usage. If you need a helmet, there are rental helmets available at our Steamboat Sports

Lids on Kids
In addition to our Steamboat Ski & Sport locations, kids can also find helmets at the Kids' Vacation Center. Steamboat supports the National Ski Areas Association's Lids on Kids initiative: www.lidsonkids.org