If unfamiliar with the lift or wish the lift slowed or stopped, please notify the operator for assistance. Never jump from a lift. If your lift stops for a prolonged period, remain seated; you will be contacted by the patrol.

Lift opening and closing times are subject to change without notice. Please review lift status for current information.

RFID gates are in operation at the Gondola, Preview, Christie Peak Express, Christie III and Thunderhead lifts.

It’s YOUR Responsibility to know how to use and ride the lift safely.

  • Ask the lift attendant for help if you need assistance. The smallest kids should load closest to the attendant.
  • Do not use phones, music or games while loading or unloading.
  • If you are not ready to slide out to wait for the chair when it is your turn, it is OK! Just stand and wait for the chair to go past and wait for the next one.
  • When loading, watch for approaching chair and then sit and scoot all the way to the back of the chair once seated.
  • Drop something? Let it FALL. Any item dropped can be picked up later.
  • Absolutely NO horseplay on the lifts. This includes throwing snowballs and clicking your skis together to drop snow off them.

Getting On: As a chair passes you at the 'wait here' sign, move ahead quickly to the 'load here' sign and line up evenly. When the next chair comes behind you, sit on the seat, and slide back as far as you can to keep from falling off the chair.

Riding the Lift: Sit back, hold on, sit still.Sit way back to keep from falling from the chair and enjoy the ride to the top! No horsing around, it’s dangerous when you are riding up in the air.

Getting Off: At the 'unload here' sign it is time to get off. Stand up, and ski down the ramp. Watch for others ahead and ski around them. Move out of the way quickly, so others can unload too.

This is a partial list. It's your responsibility to always be safety conscious. To learn more, visit www.kidsonlifts.org.

Lift Name
Lift TypeVertical RiseMinimum Riding Time
Double Chairlift
1,380'9:00 min
Double Chairlift
315'3:00 min
Burgess Creek
Triple Chairlift
7:00 min
Christie Peak Express
Six-Person Chair
4:45 min
Christie III
Triple Chairlift
7:30 min
ElkheadQuad Chairlift
2:30 min
Four Points
Triple Chairlift
1,366'7:30 min
GondolaHigh-Speed 8-Passenger
2,200'9:00 MIN
MorningsideTriple Chairlift
6:00 MIN
Priest Creek (limited backup use only)
Double Chairlift
1,853'10:30 MIN
Pony Express
High-Speed Quad1,657'5:20 MIN
PreviewDouble Chairlift
60'2:00 MIN
Rough Rider
Surface Lift
140'3:00 MIN
South Peak
Triple Chair
340'4:00 MIN
Storm Peak Express
High-Speed Quad2,160'7:00 MIN
Sundown Express
High-Speed Quad1,936'5:30 MIN
Sunshine Express
High-Speed Quad1,300'5:30 MIN
Thunderhead Express
High-Speed Quad
1,638'5:30 MIN
Christie III and Priest Creek lifts operate based on skier traffic demand. Opening/closing times are subject to change without notice.
Load and Unload with Care Load and Unload with Care
Load and Unload with Care

Informative video for kids to learn how to get on and off the lifts.

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Load and Unload with Care

Informative video for kids to learn how to get on and off the lifts.