Out of safety concerns for guests, employees, and resort property, as well as concerns for individual privacy, Steamboat Resort (“Resort”) prohibits the operation or use of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, by the general public – including recreational users and hobbyists – without prior written authorization from the Resort. This prohibition includes drones used for any purpose whatsoever, whether filming or videotaping, or by media or journalists operating above or within Resort boundaries. This prohibition on drone operations or use extends to any drones launched or operated from Resort property, as well as drones launched from private property outside of the Resort boundaries.

Please contact the Steamboat Security Department at 970-846-1055 if you have any questions or if you have appropriate governmental authorization allowing you to operate drones above the Resort. Any authorized operation of drones must be in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations, local law enforcement, and US Forest Service rules, as well as those policies separately established by the Resort. These authorizations, regulations, and rules generally require an application to the FAA, certification, training, various restrictions, safety and national security clearances, and a specific limited purpose, as well as insurance coverage, indemnification requirements, and waivers and releases of liability. Any violation of this policy may involve suspension of your skiing or snowboarding privileges, in addition to penalties or other actions that may be taken by any of the other regulatory agencies noted above.

For more information contact Brett Mason, Director of Security.