Physical Requirements for participation in Steamboat Bike School Group Lesson Products
  • Must be age 8 and up and fit on a minimum of a 20” wheeled bike
  • Prior riding experience required with familiarity with hand controls and gears
  • Some prior off road riding experience; group lessons are only available for students with at least an intermediate level of biking proficiency. Novice lessons are only offered as private lessons.

Student is able to independently complete the following tasks:
  • Get on and off, and ride a bicycle with no assistance.
  • Pedal, steer, stop and negotiate a bike over a variety of terrain including flat, uphill, downhill, loose dirt, rocks, roots, stumps, and other natural and manmade terrain.
  • Comprehend and respond to specific direction from coaches/staff in order to progress in skill level, address concerns regarding specific terrain, follow flow of lesson and activity.
  • Properly put on and take off equipment with minimal assistance.
  • Load, ride and unload lifts or shuttle safely with minimal assistance.
  • Ability to get up after falling and re-adjust equipment as necessary in a reasonable amount of time with minimal assistance.
  • Perform all functions of the lesson within a reasonable time frame while adapting to the flow of the group which includes functions such as stopping, starting, cornering, and lift routines.
  • Continue with the group throughout the day without requiring detours in terrain selection, additional breaks or other changes in the normal course of the lesson plan as designed for the entire group.
  • Ability to follow the “Mtn. Bikers Responsibility Code.”

Students who cannot meet the above requirements, may wish to take advantage of the renowned adaptive learning programs available through STARS as listed below.
Personal Companion Guidelines
A guest may have a companion or guide that assists them with their Mountain Bike and/or Bike Park experience. Typically a companion is someone who knows the individual personally and has assisted in other experiences ranging from everyday living to travel or other sports. It is important to remember the following guidelines when participating in a lesson as a companion in Steamboat Bike School programs.

  • The instructor must be the primary decision maker for the student
  • Companions that are not specifically trained or are not a part of the STARS program are allowed to participate at the discretion of the Instructor.
  • Companion must have the adequate mountain biking ability to ride at the skill level of the group.
  • If a Companion joins a lesson from the student perspective as well, fees may apply