The Patrol is here for your benefit and its members have been trained in emergency and life saving medical procedures. You will see these individuals out on the mountain administering medical assistance, enforcing the safety code, educating and conducting speed control. If someone is injured, cross skis in the snow above the accident and send someone to call ski patrol. There are emergency phones located at all lifts, on several trails and at on-mountain restaurants. The type of injury and location are helpful information to speed response. 970-871-5911

Steamboat and its staff are committed to the safety and comfort of guests.
Ski Patrol Ski Patrol

"The resort is prepared for nearly every medical situation that might arise with portable AED units as well as the staff's extensive medical experience and the on-mountain volunteer network of local emergency doctors and paramedics/ambulance personnel who donated time and skills throughout the winter season."

John Kohnke, ski patrol director


Having already been credited with saving the lives of several individuals, the resort utilizes several automated external defibrillator (AED) units, which are capable of viewing and recording cardiac rhythms as well as administering life-saving cardiac shocks. The resort first purchased an AED Life Pak 300 during the 1992/93 season. Currently, the resort employs fourteen AED units in its cache.

LocationAED Specific Location
Thunderhead Building
Top of the Steamboat Gondola
  • Third floor Thunderhead Food Court
  • First Floor Hazie's entrance
  • Patrol Mountain Dispatch
Rendezvous Saddle Building
In the saddle of High Noon
  • First Floor across from Accessory Shop
  • Second Floor by the Bussing Station
  • Third Floor outside Men's Room
Base Area
Gondola Square
Information Center
Four Points Lodge
Top of Four Points Lift
Just inside the door
Fetcher Patrol Base
Base of Ski Area
Inside building
Patrol HQ
Top of Sundown Express Lift
Inside building
Steamboat Grand Hotel
Behind the front desk at the hotel


Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, seven local physicians and another five local paramedics exchange being on-call on the slopes through the resort's mountain/ski patrol radio network for free skiing privileges. Steamboat's program of putting local doctors and paramedics on the mountain is 25 years old. Dr. David Wilkinson, who serves as Medical Director for the Advanced Life Support program at Steamboat Ski Area, says at least one physician or paramedic is on the hill "almost 100 percent of the time." Wilkinson said the system works well because skilled medical people can administer advance life support techniques right on the slopes, when minutes count. In addition, the Yampa Valley Medical Center Emergency Doctors monitor radio traffic on this channel and are available for immediate consultation and can monitor the patient's condition prior to arriving at the ER. The state-of-the-art Yampa Valley Medical Center is just a quarter mile from the slopes. Steamboat is one of the few resorts in the country that has a program such as this.


Steamboat patrollers have been recognized three times as the Colorado Ski Country USA Patroller of the Year since the program began. These individuals set the highest standard as a patroller and continually raise the bar for guest relations, responsibility and commitment among the Steamboat patrol staff.

Cody St. John 2005/2006
Scott Halliday 1999/2000
Wes Richey 1990/1991

Safety Hint: Program Patrol's telephone number 970-871-5911 into your cell phone for emergencies.


Opened in November 1999, The YVMC ushered in a new era in healthcare for northwest Colorado. This 29-bed, outpatient-centered hospital offers high-tech care with a personal touch, including 24-hour emergency care, surgery, maternity suites with whirlpool baths, a full range of diagnostic imaging and laboratory services, plus physical therapy, cardiac rehab and SportsMed. The YVMC is also designated as a Level III Trauma Center and has a Level II Nursery for critical care of newborns. YVMC is a community hospital, located less than a ½-mile from the ski area, operated by the not-for-profit, Steamboat Springs Health Care Association.

Safety Hint: Becoming AED and CPR trained is simple and easy.