The Thunderhead Hiking Trail is a moderately rugged single track trail between the top of the gondola and the base of the mountain through aspen, evergreen groves, but also offers scenic vistas.

  • Thunderhead Hiking Trail length - 3.81 miles
  • Vertical gain/loss is 2,180’
  • Bikes are not allowed on this trail
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A mostly single track trail, hikers will need appropriate footwear before venturing out. The bulk of this trail consists of a number of switchbacks in and out of the aspen groves. Be sure to carry plenty of water to stay hydrated during this lengthy hike.

Hikers can opt to take the gondola up to the top of the trail and hike down to the base of the mountain, or start at the base and hike to the top of the gondola at Thunderhead Lodge. If you plan to take the gondola up, a gondola ticket is required. If you wish to hike up to the top of the gondola, the ride down the gondola is free. Last download is at 4:30pm Sunday through Wednesday and 7:00pm Thursday through Saturday.

Gondola Operations
The gondola is scheduled to open for daily operations July 24 through September 4. It will be open Friday through Sunday, September 5 - 24, and Saturday through Sunday, September 25 - October 22, 2017.

Weather Horn
If you hear a loud horn blast at the top of the gondola, it means that a thunderstorm is close by and the gondola will close soon. Please return as quickly as possible when you hear the horn if you want to ride down the gondola. Shuttles will be available to take you down the mountain after the gondola closes.

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