These are the rates and registration forms 1 - 9 day campers. KAC is open Monday through Friday, June 12 through August 21, 2017. All bookings based on availability.

Call 970-871-5390

The Kids' Adventure Club Reservations line with questions
Age GroupDaily Rate
Mini Camp (3 - 4 years)
Yampa Camper/Routt Scout/Pioneer

Registration Forms for 1 - 9 Days of Camp

1- 9 Day Camper Form
2017 Health Summary (Mini-Campers Only)
Kids Adventure Club Parent Handbook Please sign and return the last page
Immunization Records are required on your FIRST day of camp

Nonconsecutive or 5+ Days
Please call if you would like to book nonconsecutive days of camp or more than 5 days at a time. Call 970-871-5390
Please fill out the allergy forms below as needed. Registration forms will be provided on-site.

Allergy Forms - All Kids
If your child has an allergy (food, environmental, or other) please fill out the appropriate forms below and return to the Kids’ Adventure Club before the first day of attendance:
Allergy Information Sheet
Medication Administration Permission - All except inhalers; REQUIRED if applicable
Self-Carry Epi Pen Authorization - Optional
Medication Administration Permission – Inhalers; REQUIRED if applicable
Self-Carry Inhaler Authorization - Optional

Payment, Cancellations and Switches
More than 48-hours prior to booking days can be cancelled or rescheduled if space is available. Days booked can be used for that child only. Less than 48-hours prior to booking no credit/refund will be given for cancelled days. Days cannot be rescheduled.