The Captain of the Boat downhill race series will not be offered for the 2019 summer season
Steamboat Bike Park is proud to host the Captain of the Boat gravity race series, a bi-weekly event that will provide competitive gravity opportunities to riders of a broad ability level. With the focus on fun and camaraderie, experienced racers can test their skills against the best in the boat and new racers can enjoy a relaxed introduction to the competitive side of mountain biking. Do you have what it takes to be the Captain of the Boat?

Come on out and test yer' sea legs against the port of Steamboat's gravity lovin' salty dogs. A no prisoners be taken battle for the royal title of master the dirt sea.

2018 Race Schedule
Dates for the 2018 Captain of the Boat race series are as follows: July 6, July 20, August 3, August 17, and August 31. Locations for each race will be available soon.

2018 Results
Race 1 Results | Race 2 Results | Race 3 Results | Race 4 Results | Overall Results

Point Totals

Point totals will be adjusted after each race. The racer's worst time result out of 5 will be dropped, and the best 4 out of 5 finishes will count towards the championship at the end of the race series.
When is it?
Every other Friday evening starting in July. 6pm race start, awards at the Steamboat Umbrella Bar at the base area after race finish. View the events calendar for complete list of steamboat biking events.

Registration is on site at the Steamboat Bike Shop the day of the event from 3-5pm. Call in to reserve your spot if you can’t make it 970.871.5348. The racer meeting starts at 6pm with the race beginning promptly after.Captain of the Boat series pass holders can skip racer check-in but make sure you have your plate mounted at the start.

Series pass: $40
Single event: $10
Race entry does not include park pass. Twilight passes are available for $35.

Classes and Categories
Male and Female: Open age
Master Male: 40+
Junior: 17 & under

Number Plates
Series pass holders must maintain possession of their race plate for the duration of the series. Lost or damaged plates can be replaced for a fee of $5 for each occurrence. Single event racers must return plates to event staff at the end of their race run.

Individual and overall series awards and points
The winners for each class and category will be awarded prizes for each individual event. Overall points will be tracked with prizes being awarded to top three overall in their respective class. Everyone is a winner in the Captain of the Boat Gravity Series.

Where and what trails?
All courses will be within the Steamboat Bike Park trail system with a new course being utilized for each race. Course announcement will be released Monday of race week.

Who should race this event?
Riders who can comfortably ride our black level terrain, such as Buckin' Bronc, should have no problems negotiating these courses. Courses will vary in technicality and it is recommended that you use your best judgment, be familiar with the trails, and ride within your abilities when racing any event. We offer numerous class options to help ensure that we provide a competitive environment for everyone. With male and female classes along with a Master and Junior division.

What type of bike should I use?
Downhill racing is demanding on both body and bike. Like any sport, being prepared physically and utilizing the proper equipment is essential for success. It is highly recommended that your bike have a minimum of 6 inches of travel, functional disc brakes on both wheels, and be specific to aggressive downhill type use. Bikes must be in good working condition and may be rejected by race officials if deemed unfit for use in this event. We advise that you have your equipment checked by a certified mechanic prior to use in the bike park.

How should I prepare?
There's no way around it...downhill racing does have some inherent risks associated with the sport. The key is being smart, prepared and sensible. This means ensuring that your bike is properly maintained, that you're wearing the recommended protective gear, that you're comfortable with the race course and confident in your ability to ride it, as well as knowing your limits and riding in control at all times. More information about bike park safety can be found here.

How do I get better?
Great question! We all want to learn to ride stronger and with more confidence and the best way to progress your skill is by taking advantage of the professional instruction that's available through the Steamboat Bike School. Visit the Steamboat Bike Park lessons page for details on scheduling your own progression session.

Course Marking/Tape
Due to the simplistic and casual nature of the Captain of the Boat Gravity Series, courses will not be taped or marked fully down the entire length of trail. Therefore it is important for each competitor to be familiar with the trail being raced upon. It is also very important for each competitor to stay the trail! Cutting corners due to lack of taping is not acceptable and is considered very poor sportsmanship and will ultimately lead to disqualification. In general, 1-2' from trail center is consider open course.