The Outlaw Mountain Coaster is the longest coaster in North America at more than 6,280 linear feet. The track near Christie Peak Express descends more than 400 vertical feet, rises up to 40 feet above the ground, and features dips, waves, turns and 360-degree circles.
2019 Summer TICKETS
Tickets valid for the 2019 summer season can be purchased at the Ticket Office, or at the Red School House located at the base of the ski area. View Hours

Tickets & PassesAdult (13 & Up)*Child (12 & Under)*
Single Ride
Additional Ride**$15$10
Unlimited Coaster Ride Day Pass$40$30
*2019 summer pricing.
**Additional rides available only at the Red School House or Ticket Office.

Receive unlimited coaster rides with a land up activities pass

land up activities


• Ride takes approximately 10 minutes to complete
• Riders travel over a mile on an elevated track at speeds up to 27 mph/43 kph
• Sleds are on an elevated track featuring curves, turns (including hairpin turns), and steep descents
• Riders must have upper and lower body control and must be able to sit upright with head against the seat back

Signed waiver forms are required for participants purchasing an all-day pass, twilight pass or outlaw mountain coaster ride. Kids 17 and under need a parent to sign a waiver of liability for them.

Click here to fill out online waiver form

Please Note: Riders are responsible for controlling the speed of their sled by using the manual brake and maintaining a safe distance of at least 80 ft. from other sleds, as marked on the course for reference, at all times throughout the ride, until entering the unload terminal.
• Between 54 inches and 84 inches tall (137/213 centimeters)
• Must be physically able to sit in an upright position with head against the seatback and use safety restraints
• Capable of understanding and obeying all verbal and written instructions
• Capable of visually identifying sled in front of them to maintain safe following distance
• Able to operate brake levers to control the speed of the sled
• Driver must be 16 years or older when piloting sled with passenger
• Weight cannot exceed 375 lbs. /170 kg in dry conditions and 330 lbs. /150 kg in wet conditions
• At least 38 inches/97 centimeters tall
• Minimum age of 3 years
• Must be shorter than the driver
• Between 45 and 187 lbs. (20/85 kg)
• Capable of holding onto front handle while sled is in motion
• Total weight of people for sled cannot exceed 375 lbs. /170 kg in dry conditions and 330 lbs. /150 kg in wet conditions
• Must be accompanied by a driver 16 years or older
Guests who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol of any kind may not participate in this activity. Guests with the following medical conditions may not participate in this activity:
• Pregnant or think they may be pregnant
• Current injury resulting in casts, slings, braces, boots or other similar temporary medical device
• Broken or fractured bones, sprains, and strains
• Heart condition history
• Seizure history or condition
• History of back or neck injury
• Any other medical condition that prevents guest from following the safety rules and guidelines posted at the coaster
• Must sign a release of liability waiver
• Participants must obey all posted signs and instructions
• All loose clothing, hats and hair below shoulder length shall be secured prior to starting the ride
• No food or gum is allowed on the ride
• Participants must remain seated at all times and keep their arms and legs inside the sled for the duration of the ride
• Driver must maintain at least 80 feet /24 meters in dry conditions or 160 feet/48 meters in wet/night conditions between their sled and the sled in front of them on the track, except when entering the unload terminal
• Driver is responsible for controlling the speed, distance between other sleds and stopping at the finish
• Stopping on the track is only permitted in the event of an emergency
• No backpacks or bags allowed on the ride

Please note: You many not use your cell phone or other device on the ride and you may not ride if you are, or an attendant feels that you are, under the influence of drugs or alcohol of any kind.

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