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Safety and Responsibility

Steamboat's SlopeWise strategic initiative focuses on the company-wide strategic initiative of safe and responsible skiing and riding through awareness, education and consequences for unsafe conduct on the mountain.

Steamboat's team has always placed a major emphasis on safety on the slopes, however we know more can always be accomplished. The resort unveiled its SlopeWise program to incredible support from all levels of the resort and community. The program has gained significant momentum and continues to dramatically shape safe skiing and riding at Steamboat.

On behalf of the entire company, I trust you will safely and responsibly enjoy this great mountain, understand the risks associated with the sport as well as your responsibility; wish you lots of Champagne Powder® snow and thank you for visiting Steamboat.

Always Ski & Ride with Care & Be SlopeWise

Rob Perlman Signature

Rob Perlman
President & COO

Recreation on this public land is provided by a unique partnership between the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation and the Routt/Medicine Bow National Forest. The resort is committed to the wise use of our natural resources, as well as the preservation and enhancement of the National Forest. The resort hopes you will join in its commitment to preserve the environment by helping keep National Forest lands beautiful.

  • Be SlopeWise
    Be SlopeWise

    Steamboat is committed to promoting skier/rider safety and has established the SlopeWise Program.

  • Fit for Snow
    Fit for Snow

    Steamboat is committed to promoting skier/rider safety and has established the ParkWise Program.

  • #BuddyUp

    The old adage “There are no friends on a powder day,” couldn’t be further from the truth. Steamboat's #buddyup program encourages people to ski...

  • Deep Snow and Tree Wells
    Deep Snow and Tree Wells

    Skiing or riding in tree areas and deep snow is an individual choice and carries with it inherent risks.

  • Mountain Safety
    Mountain Safety

    Have you got the right gear for these mountain conditions? Keep yourself and your family safer by following our mountain safety...

  • Uphill Access
    Uphill Access

    Steamboat has an uphill access pass system to educate users about the risks of these activities.

  • Kids on Lifts
    Kids on Lifts

    It’s YOUR Responsibility to know how and use and ride the lift safely.

  • Lids on Kids
    Lids on Kids

    Steamboat recommends wearing helmets for skiing and riding.

  • Objects are Closer
    Objects are Closer

    Objects are Closer than They Appear emphasizes the role that speed plays in staying in control and overtly addresses the risk posed by collisions with trees or other fixed objects and other people on the...

  • Be ParkWise
    Be ParkWise

    Steamboat is committed to promoting skier/rider safety and has established the ParkWise Program.

  • Ski Patrol
    Ski Patrol

    Steamboat and its staff are committed to the safety and comfort of guests.

  • Drone Policy
    Drone Policy

    Due to safety and individual privacy concerns the operation or use of drones, by the general public is prohibited.

  • EEC

    Essential eligibility criteria for Steamboat Resort activities.

  • Bear Safety Blog
    Bear Safety Blog

    Bear, Steamboat’s Safety Dog, writes the Sniffin’ Out Safety blog.