The story of our famous Snow...

The phrase was coined in the early 1950s by local rancher Joe McElroy, who was out skiing on terrain that eventually would become the ski area and said the snow tickled his nose like champagne. Steamboat’s unique snow averages 6 percent water content. Compare that to the 15 percent water content more typical at other locations. No other ski resort has its snow trademarked, and there’s no other place you’ll find Champagne Powder® snow than in Steamboat.
powder powder

snow water content percentage

  • Steamboat %

  • Other locations %


Interesting Snow Facts

Biggest snow season
winter of 2007/08
10 year snow average
2008/09 - 2016/17
most snow in 1 month
January of 1995/96
donuts donuts

At the end of the day guests may enjoy a complimentary hot chocolate and Champagne Powder® donut holes served at the Steamboat Covered Wagon, which is located across from the Steamboat Stage on the promenade. Hot chocolate and donut holes are served daily at 3:00pm through April 1, 2018.

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