Mountain Statistics Mountain Statistics

Mountain Stats

Learn about the majestic Steamboat Springs mountain range, our location, average annual snowfall, and much more. 

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Safety & Mountain info

Important information for all levels and ages of mountain enthusiasts. 
Snow Bike Snow bike
on Mountain Allowed Devices

Policy on devices, equipment and vehicles, by the public, on the mountain and mountain lifts.

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safety & responsibility
Find information on industry safety practices including the Skier Responsibility Code and Smart Style/Park Smart, guidelines, created by the National Ski Areas Association; resort policies; emergency information and more. Use this site as a reference on recommendations for playing safely while skiing and snowboarding.

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mountain tips
Whether you're a first-time skier or rider, or just need a refresher after a few years off the snow, check out these tips to ensure you have the best experience on the mountain and in Steamboat on your winter vacation. You'll find everything you need to know from best practice on the mountain to driving in snow tips.

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