Are you looking for a great gift or not wanting to carry cash around with you? Steamboat Ski Resort Gift Cards are a great way to go, and can be purchased online or when you visit the resort. It's a good as cash, never expires and is accepted at most outlets at Steamboat Ski Resort.

The convenience of a gift card will make your time in Steamboat even better. Gift Cards are accepted at The Cabin Restaurant & Lounge, The Grand Cafe, Timber & Torch Restaurant, Hazie's Restaurant, Western BBQ, Ragnar's Restaurant & Sleigh Ride Dinners, Four Points Lodge and Snowcat Dinners, Taco Beast, Thunderhead Food Court, Reds Bar at Thunderhead, Oasis Sundeck, Stoker Bar & Restaurant, Haymaker Grill, Haymaker Sleigh Ride Dinners, Rendezvous Food Court, Outpost Saloon, Umbrella Bar & BBQ, Guided Gourmet and Moonlit Snowshoe Tours, Rye, Gondola Joe's, Gnarly Charly’s, The North Face, Marmot Store, Giggle Gulch Candy Company, Steamboat Apparel & Gifts, Grand Gift Shop, KVC Mercantile, Rendezvous Shop, Sundial, Steamboat Gifts, Steamboat Mercantile, Thunderhead Shop, Grand Spa, Adventure Depot, Ikon Service Center*, Steamboat Base Club, Steamboat Snowsports School, Steamboat Ticket Office, Steamboat Base Camp, and all Steamboat Ski & Sport locations.
*May not be used for Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass purchase.

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What resorts will accept my Gift Card?
Your Steamboat Gift Card is only valid at Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation locations.

Does the Gift Card have an expiration date?

I ordered my Gift Card on the Internet but I haven't received it yet. What do I do?
You should contact the Steamboat resort. Call (970) 871-5375, or send email to with the original receipt and Gift Card number.

I lost my Gift Card. What do I do?
For replacement of the remaining balance on the lost Gift Card, please call (970) 871-5375 or email with the original receipt and Gift Card number.

I forgot my Gift Card. What do I do?
Sorry, you must have your Gift Card with you to use it.

My card is damaged. What do I do?
Call (970) 871-5375, or send email to for Gift Card replacement.

Is the Gift Card refundable?
No. The Gift Card has no cash value, and therefore, a refund cannot be issued.

Can I purchase a Gift Card and have it sent to someone other than myself?
Yes. The online order form allows you to purchase multiple gift cards and have them sent to different recipients.

I have other questions. Where do I find the answers?
Call (970) 871-5375, or send email to