Automatic Pass Renewal Program
This year we are introducing the Automatic Pass Renewal Program. By selecting auto renewal during the check-out process you are ensuring that:
  • Your season pass is automatically renewed next season.
  • You receive the lowest introductory price on the next year’s season pass.

How does the Automatic Pass Renewal Program work?

1. Select the auto-renewal check box during this year’s season pass purchase process.
2. When we launch season pass sales next year (generally in March) we will automatically renew your season pass.

  • Your purchase will mirror this year’s purchase. For example, if you purchased a Steamboat season pass for the 2016/2017 season, your renewal will include a Steamboat season pass for the 2017/2018 season.
  • We will evaluate the ages of the individuals purchasing pass products and will adjust the product purchases accordingly. For example, if this year a pass-holder qualifies for a Teen Pass and next year qualifies for an Adult pass, the individual will be renewed at the Adult rate.
  • College purchases are excluded from auto renewal as they require annual validation.
  • If you purchased insurance the year before, your renewal will include the purchase of insurance.
  • First Tracks Unlimited pass is excluded from the auto-renewal program.

3. The full pass or frequency card purchase price will be charged to the credit card on file on the product launch date, generally in March.
4. Upon this charge, Steamboat will send an email to the email address on file, as receipt of payment.
5. Unfortunately we know plans can change, so if you no longer want to participate in the Automatic Pass Renewal Program please contact the season pass office by emailing or by calling (970) 871-5268 before May 1 of each year. We will cancel your auto renewal request, and we will refund your purchase.