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Apr. 13, 2019

Cardboard Classic Cardboard Classic
The Cardboard Classic, Steamboat's traditional rite of spring returns to the Steamboat Ski Area for the 39th year. This wild and hilarious race features homemade cardboard crafts, constructed only from cardboard, glue, string, water based paint, duct tape, masking tape, balloons and other decorations, racing down Stampede to a hysterical finish. The uniqueness and creativity of the race make it an event looked forward to each year.


• 10:00 - 11:00am: Registration & Check In (Participants must check in at the Coca-Cola Tent in Gondola Square or their spot will be released.)
• 11:00 - 11:30am: Cardboard D'Elegance/Judging
• 11:30am: 17 & under race begins followed by 18+ race
• Award Ceremony will follow the end of race

Crafts will be judged during the Cardboard D'Elegance from 11:00 - 11:30am. Awards will be presented for best representation of the following categories:

• Coca-Cola Classic
• Most Creative
• Best Individual Craft
• Best Reproduction
• Judge's Choice
• Best Costumes
• Crowd Favorite
• Best Engineering
• Registration will open in April.

Only items allowed for the cardboard crafts include: glue, string, cardboard, water-based paint, duct tape, masking tape, packing tape, balloons, and other decorations.

No more than 6 people per craft.
No children under 5 years of age allowed in crafts.
No pets allowed in crafts.
An adult must accompany children 5-10 years old
Parents/or guardians must sign release forms for children 17 & under
All event participants must have their bib/credential in order to be able to participate.
No alcoholic beverages within the race arena – disqualification will be immediate.

Event registration begins April 1 and check-in is on April 13, 2019 at the Coca-Cola Tent in Gondola Square from 10:00 – 11:00am. Once you have signed waivers, you will receive your craft number. Participants 17 and under will need to have a parent or guardian sign their waiver form.

17 and under competition starts at 11:30am followed by 18+ competition. Participants will compete on a first come, first serve basis.

tips for building your craft
  • Weight equals speed.
  • There are different types of cardboard – the kind with plastic coating on the outside tends to slide better and not get soggy as quickly.
  • Sled-shaped crafts (long and narrow) tend to pick up the most momentum.
  • Duct tape can be used on the bottom of your craft to reduce friction with the snow and increase momentum down the hill.
  • Remember weight distribution matters – the heaviest part of the craft (where the people are seated) will automatically want to slide down first. This means that rear-weighted vessels tend to rotate 180 degrees once in motion, sending the craft down the slope backwards.
  • Adding rudders to the bottom of your craft can increase your speed by reducing the overall surface friction with the snow.

  • Time

    9:00 AM — 12:00 PM

  • Location

    2305 Mt. Werner Circle, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487