Skiing & Boarding Tips

Whether you're a first-time skier or rider, or just need a refresher after a few years off the snow, check out these 9 safety tips to ensure you have the best experience on the mountain.
lessons lessons
take a lesson

If you have not skied before, we strongly recommend that you take a lesson. Trained instructors can teach you more quickly and safely than learning on your own or from a friend. Even if you have been skiing/riding for years, the Steamboat Snowsports School is a great way to improve or refresh your skills as well as to become familiar with the mountain.

Be predictable be predictable
Be predictable

Be “predictable” when skiing. Do not suddenly swerve away from the direction you have been traveling.

skier skier
go with the flow

If you are passing most skiers on the trail, you are probably skiing too fast. Observe the areas posted as "Slow" and slow down no matter what your ability level. Fast or reckless skiing and riding can result in injury to you or others and perhaps the loss of your lift ticket.

lift lift
Be smart on lifts

Always read the loading and lift information boards. If uncertain how to load or unload a certain chairlift, ask the attendant for instructions or help. Do not lean forward; sit back and enjoy the ride.

meetingplace meetingplace
Arrange a meeting place

Arrange a meeting place and time in case someone becomes separated from skiing companions. Notify someone in your group if you decide to leave the resort.

hazards hazards
avoid hazards

Fencing, poles, padding and other markings are intended to alert you to certain hazards, not to protect you from injury. Not all obstacles are marked. It is your responsibility under Colorado law to avoid all obstacles and hazards.

electronics electronics
refrain from using electronics

Steamboat strongly recommends that guests refrain from using electronic devices (cell/smart phones, texting, MP3 players) or any type of earphones while skiing/riding or loading/unloading lifts.

gondola down gondola down
take gondola down

End the day on a positive note! Stop skiing with the first signs of fatigue or better yet ride the gondola down and enjoy the view!

water water
stay hydrated

If we start to get dehydrated our performance on snow declines and our reaction time increases. Stay hydrated throughout your day of skiing to help avoid injuries.

general tips

Here are some general tips to keep in mind
lost lost

If you drop a glove, ski etc. from a lift into a closed area or onto a run too difficult for your ability, note the number of the nearest lift tower and report it to the top lift attendant or call Patrol. Patrol may be able to try to retrieve it and leave it at the bottom of the lift or at lost and found.

slippery slippery

You must use caution walking especially in buildings, on walkways and in parking lots. Melting and freezing as well as water and snow accumulation, can cause surfaces to become slippery any time of the day or night. Try to clean the snow off the bottom of plastic ski boots to help prevent a slip and fall. Use footwear with good tread and/or use commercially available products made for the bottom of shoes and boots to give better traction.

driving driving

Take the time to clear ice and snow from all windows and lights for good visibility. Roads may be slick so stay a safe distance from other vehicles. Stopping distances may also be increased. Avoid braking on ice and use lower gears to control your speed.