Central Reservations is your personal Steamboat assistant, and can help you save money and time. Advanced booking discounts are a real thing and we know where to find all of them. Steamboat Central Reservations is also here to help with the items below.
Your Steamboat Reservation Packet is a great resource for vacation information.
It contains everything you need for your vacation, so don’t forget to pack it!
lift lift
Getting your tickets

You may have already received your Quicktrax Cards in your Reservation Packet if you booked certain vacations. Haven’t purchased lift tickets yet? Getting on it ahead of time can save you up to 15% off when you purchase them 7 days in advance. Waiting until you get here? Make sure you go to the ticket office as soon as you arrive to avoid a long line at peak times.

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lessons lessons

Even the best can benefit from some tips from the pros. Get better, improve your technique, and maybe even learn something new. If you want to own the mountain, spend a couple of hours with a pro.

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gear gear
Getting your gear

It’s best to book your rentals or demos ahead of time. You can get up to 15% off when you reserve your equipment rentals 24 hours in advance. If you want to do it once you arrive, take care of it ASAP. Time spent at the rental counter is time you’re not spending on the slopes, and THAT is precious time, don’t waste it.

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getting here getting here
getting you here

Whether you are flying or driving, some pointers on how to get to Steamboat would be helpful. Central Reservations can help with rental cars, taxis, shuttles or any combination of the three.

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more more
getting more

We know every nook and cranny of this valley and its mountain. There are loads of excursions and activities both on and off the mountain, and we can help you find all of them. But they can book up quickly, so start planning as soon as you can. And if you discover something you want to do while you’re here, just let us know and we’ll assist you in any way we can.

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app app
Download the Steamboat App

Let’s talk about the Steamboat app. Because you need it. It puts all the vital Steamboat info you need in the palm of your hands. Check weather, snow conditions, trails and more.

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What’s going in your suitcase

Lean into layering, both on and off the mountain, for flexibility as the weather and temperature changes.
When it comes to snowpants, look for wind and water resistant. One of the biggest factors in playing in the snow is your comfort, and these will go a long way toward keeping you warm and dry. For colder days, you’ll want a solid base layer underneath your pants. And we strongly recommend against jeans and sweatpants. Mostly because they get wet quickly, but also because it’s not 1984.

Your jacket should fit in a way that leaves room for layers. Again, you need to be comfortable and able to adjust for different weather conditions.

A small area, but not one to overlook. When you’re racing down the slopes, neck protection can make all the difference. Neck gaiters can be found at any of the stores on the mountain. Just like everything else, look for water resistant.

High socks are the way to go. Wearing one pair is best, and avoid socks with big, thick seams if at all possible. We prefer Smartwool. They are light and comfortable but keep your toes warm—and foot comfort is critical. If you can’t find Smartwool locally, we have plenty here.

Look for goggles with UV protection, and keep your sunglasses for aprés and cruising around town. Sunglasses simply don’t offer the same protection and you want to keep your peepers in top condition.
Gloves or mittens? Mittens or gloves? This is a matter of personal taste. Gloves allow more freedom of movement, but mittens are warmer. Whichever way you go, make sure they’re waterproof.

Helmet. Helmet. Helmet. Of course, we can’t make you wear one, but you’ve only got the one noggin, don’t you want to protect it? For colder days, we recommend a thin but warm helmet liner.


Sunscreen and lip balm, SPF 50 or greater. With the sun and UV rays bouncing off the snow, it’s easy to get too much sun even on the cloudy days, let alone the bluebirds.

Bring your swimsuit! Heck, bring two. Because whether it’s a hot tub, heated pool or one of our amazing Hot Springs, there’s nothing quite like soaking in the snowy mountains.

Steamboat is very casual so jeans are fine. But that doesn’t mean layering isn’t still important. Flexibility is key. You want to be warm, but be able to take off a couple of layers if you get too warm. We recommend hiking or snow boots with good traction for walking around town just in case it’s snowy or icy on the sidewalks.