Steamboat Terrain parks Steamboat Terrain parks
Terrain Parks

Explore some of the best terrain parks in Colorado at Steamboat Resort! Four parks, each designed for different skill levels, feature jumps, rails, boxes, half-pipes and more for you to improve or show off your skills.

Lil' Rodeo Terrain Park Lil' Rodeo Terrain Park

lil' rodeo

Lil' Rodeo is our entry-level park, offering features for all riders and abilities. Small boxes, jumps, and a mini half-pipe, viewable from the Bear River deck, are waiting day and night to introduce beginners to the sport. This park is sure to please the little ones and beginners of all ages.

LocationOff Christie Peak Express near the base area

Jumps, rollers, boxes, jibs, mini-mavs halfpipe

Small and medium
Rabbit Ears Terrain Park Rabbit Ears Terrain Park

Rabbit Ears

Feeling comfortable in Lil' Rodeo? Rabbit Ears is the next step. A local favorite with over 20 assorted jumps, bonks, jibs and rails. A great all-around park for beginner to intermediate riders.

LocationOff Christie Peak Express take Main Drag or Boulevard to Big Foot

Jumps, rails, boxes, jib features

Small and medium
Mavericks Terrain Park Mavericks Terrain Park


You're ready for the big leagues! Mavericks is Steamboat's largest terrain park. With jumps ranging from 50 to 70 feet, this park is no joke. Check out the Bashor Pavilion for lunch, and amazing views of the largest park and pipe in the 'Boat.

LocationJust off Christie Peak Express, take Jess' Cut-Off to Bear Claw

Jumps, rails, log jobs, boxes

Medium and large
Smart Style Smart Style


In Steamboat, being ParkWise means abiding by some simple rules of the park called Smart Style to insure a better experience for you and other riders.

Know your limits and ability level, and select the appropriate freestyle terrain for you. Your condition, speed, balance, body movements, alignment, trajectory and maneuver difficulty will directly affect your desired outcome.
More on Being ParkWise