How do I apply?
Please apply online at Click on View Openings to see what jobs are currently available. Click on a job to read more about it. If you like what you see, apply!

What do you look for in people wanting to work for Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp?
We take pride in what makes our workplace unique…it is all about the employees and their commitment to Service Excellence—to our guests and each other. We want our guests to really notice the friendly, enthusiastic people who are running the lifts, serving hot chocolate, shoveling walkways, cleaning hotel rooms, selling lift tickets, etc.

We look for people who will thrive within the culture we promote. Personal attributes we look for include:

  • Strong work ethic and those who show up on time, ready to work
  • Positive energy and attitude
  • Willing to embrace and drive change
  • Passion for service
  • Respect for peers and guests
  • Team player

Do you have an appearance policy?
Yes, grooming standards are important and our company feels that a clean, neatly groomed appearance presents a positive image. Click to learn more about our appearance policy.

What do you look for in applications and resumes?

We are looking for people that are passionate about life and what they do. Creativity and humor is always welcome, but please keep it professional.

Tell the truth. We are going to find out who you are eventually, so just be yourself.

We want to know your accomplishments. Please attach a resume or fill out your previous employment history on the application. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications that do not include previous work and education history. Be sure to include recent employment history.

When should I apply for a job?

We start posting jobs for the winter season in mid to late August and for the summer season in March. Some jobs remain posted or are re-posted throughout the entire season, so just keep looking until you see something you like.

I can’t find the job I want online. Why?
If the job you’re looking for is not posted online, the position is no longer available. We update the job postings on a daily basis, so what you see is what you can apply for at the present time.

I’m interested in working for Steamboat year-round. Do you only post seasonal jobs?
Most of the positions we are looking to fill are either for the summer or winter seasons. When Year-round positions are available, you can find those listed in our employment section on our website.

I applied online. What do I do now?
We review applications on a daily basis and then forward applications that meet all of the job requirements to the appropriate hiring manager. You will hear from us, even if we decide to pursue other candidates. If you don’t hear from someone within two weeks, please feel free to contact us via email ( or phone (970-871-5135).

I worked at Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp last season and want to work the same job this season. What should I do?
You will be contacted by your hiring manager in the fall if you are eligible to be rehired. They will discuss your next steps for paperwork and return date.

What if I want to work in a different department this season? Do I have to apply all over again?
If you would like to work in another department, you will need to apply for that position when it is posted online. You should have an online profile with us, so just update your information and answer the questions particular to the position for which you would like to be hired.

What if I start a job at Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp and decide it’s not the one for me? Can I switch to another job?
If the job you started isn’t working out for some reason, you can request to transfer departments. Apply online for the posted position you want to move to and speak with your manager. If the hiring manager wants to hire you for the new position, they will initiate the transfer paperwork. Transfers are not guaranteed, so be sure to follow through with the requirements of your current job until the transfer is finalized. You don’t want to find yourself without a job.

International Applicants
J-1: Visa Holders: Those with current J-1 visas must apply to open positions and will be expected to interview before receiving a job offer. Please note: Steamboat Ski & Resort has limited housing and will only be able to offer positions for the J-1 visa based on housing availability.

H2B Visa Holders: Current H2B visa holders who are currently in the United States and are looking for an extension are welcome to apply for our winter Dishwashing position. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer new H2B sponsorships or other positions at this time.

Living Here

Is there employee housing?

Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp offers a limited number of fully furnished employee housing at reasonable rates conveniently located about 1.5 miles from the resort. Housing is shared and is first come, first served and will fill up at the beginning of the season. When you move in, you’ll need to pay your first month’s rent and a deposit. You can contact our housing manager at 970-871-5140 or for a housing application. You can also access information online at

There are other opportunities in Steamboat Springs and neighboring towns such as Oak Creek, Stagecoach, Hayden, and Clark. Craig, Colorado, is about 45 miles west of Steamboat Springs and has affordable housing and bus transportation. Steamboat Today, our free local paper that is available online at, and in print, would be a good resource for your housing search, along with other online websites typically used to find housing. For Facebook users, there is a local group called Steamboat Springs Homes for Rent or Sale that posts rentals that you may want to explore.

Is there public transportation in Steamboat Springs?
Steamboat Springs operates a free bus service. Routes and times can be found online on the City of Steamboat Springs website. There is limited parking at the base of the mountain, so many employees opt to walk, ride the bus, or ride their bike to work. If you do bring your own car to Steamboat, make sure you are prepared for winter driving during the months of November through March. Our roads are properly maintained by the city, but can still get pretty icy and snowy in the winter months. Snow tires and an emergency kit would be prudent additions to your vehicle during those times.

When do I get paid? Where do I pick up my check?
Our pay period runs for two weeks, from Saturday through Friday. You will be paid every other Friday. It is recommended that you provide bank account information so that your checks can be directly deposited into your account. If you do not select to direct deposit your checks, they can be picked up in Human Resources, beginning Friday morning through the next week. If your check is not picked up, it will be mailed to your address that is recorded in our HR system. You can update your address in UltiPro.

As noted above, be sure to bring enough money to live on for a few weeks. Depending on when you arrive and start working, you may not get paid for three weeks because of how our payroll cycles work. Make sure you have a little bit of a cushion until you are fully settled.

Are there places in town to buy groceries and other supplies?
Steamboat Springs has three supermarkets—City Market, Safeway and Natural Grocers—as well as a Walmart and lots of shops and restaurants.

To learn more about living in Steamboat Springs, check out:

What should I bring?
The right clothing. Be sure to ask your new manager/supervisor about dress code or recommended clothing/footwear for the job you will be doing, especially if you’re working outdoors. They can give you some great tips for layering and staying warm and dry.

Winter: Proper footwear is really important. The outdoor crews do a great job of shoveling and de-icing, but conditions constantly change. Walkways can be icy and snow-covered. Shoes or boots with good traction may help you navigate winter walkways. Be prepared for all weather conditions, as our days can start out sunny with blue skies, and be snowing quite heavily by lunch time.

Money. As stated above, depending on your timing, it could be three weeks before you receive your first paycheck. In some cases, you may not work your full hours until the season is in full swing. Give yourself a little wiggle room with your finances.
Linens. If you are staying in employee housing, you will want to provide your own sheets and towels. The kitchens are stocked with general housewares.

Backpack/Travel Bag. You will be transporting clothing and gear back and forth to the mountain for various reasons. It is nice to have a bag to carry your belongings or lunch.

I-9 Documentation. Bring originals, no copies or faxes, of your I-9 documents. Visit for a list of acceptable documents.

Do I have to do any paperwork once I am hired?

Your hiring manager will let you know when you will attend our New Hire Orientation if this is your first season with Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. All paperwork can be completed right after orientation, but we recommend that you come in ahead of time and complete everything either a day or two before your orientation. You can contact your hiring manager to gain access to the online portion that can be completed ahead of time.

Part of the process is the I-9 verification form, which is a government document proving your eligibility to work in the United States. You must bring I-9 documentation to your orientation. Visit for a list of acceptable documents.

All IDs must be current (not expired if applicable).

No photo copies or facsimiles will be accepted.

You will complete paperwork with HR and be provided with your time card (number) and directions for You will be provided with your employee number in a few days to validate personal information such as address, phone number, tax withholdings, emergency contact information, and bank account information. This website is also where you can update information throughout the year if needed.

If you are returning to Steamboat as a former employee, there are a few things you need to do to return to work. Once you have been hired by your manager, you can come into HR to sign a couple of forms. Please bring your I-9 documents with you in case we need to update your file. Returners will also need to update information in their employee account on

You will not be able to start working for us until you have provided these documents and followed through will all HR requirements. There will be no exceptions, so please come prepared.

The Human Resources office is open seven days a week during the winter season and Monday - Friday. If you don’t have a computer or can’t figure how to navigate UltiPro, please phone us at 970-871-5132 or come in and let us help you.